Versatile Internet


How I can help you

As a consultant and freelancer I can help you or your organization with:

  • Architecture and development for web-based enterprise software,
  • Consultancy for agile software development practices and techniques,
  • Bespoke, manageable websites and software for individuals and small businesses.

What I do

I combine creative problem solving and technical precision to great software. I specialize in:

  • HTML5, Javascript and CSS including frameworks such as Angular and React;
  • Node.JS and Java on the server-side.

I’ve also worked and gained familiarity with many different application servers, databases and development tools in my career. From ASP to PHP, Tomcat to Nginx or MongoDB to SQL Server.

Working with agile practices is also a big part of what I do. Both technically with principles of XP and in terms of people and process with Scrum.

More about me

I started working with the web in the late 90’s. I went on to study Internet Computing at university. After graduating, I moved to London to work for CMC Markets developing web-based financial trading platforms. I then moved to Amsterdam, working for Backbase in the online banking sector. I am now working independently on my own and client’s projects.

I live in Amsterdam with my wife, Lora, and son, Lennox. I practise Judo, I run and like to paint when I can find the time!