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Backbase Customer Experience Platform (CXP) allows enterprises, particularly in the financial sector, to create rich, interactive web portals and mobile applications.

I’m an expert with Backbase technologies, working as a consultant Frontend Architect on the next generation of Backbase’s Customer Experience Platform.


Pagespace is a platform running on Node.JS for managing websites. It aims to give frontend developers an environment free of restraints for developing bespoke web sites that are easily managed by technical and non-technical users alike.

Open Source

Browser Bunyan

A logging framework optimized for the browser based on Bunyan for Node.

A Seal

Access control list library for Node.JS

More open source projects...

Periodic Table Map

Based on my 2016 10k Apart entry, Periodic Table Map is a fun and interactive way to explore the chemical elements.


Websites created and hosted by Versatile Internet and managed with Pagespace.

Loveday Smith

Portfolio website for Loveday Smith running on Pagespace.

Orange Tea Theatre


The Evolution of MVC in Javascript (2016)

Streamlining Frontend development with Node.JS (2014)